Davinci Roofscapes

Davinci Roofscapes

We are certified Chicago roofers who offer a variety of roofing solutions for both commercial and residential needs. In addition, our qualified contractors are trained and licensed to handle JNJ restoration and remodeling projects in Chicago.

Quality products

We offer quality roofing material that delivers a natural look at affordable prices. Our versatile roofing materials are ideal for complementing both traditional and modern roofing designs. Some of our best-selling roofing solutions include Davinci slates, Davinci shakes, and Davinci sidings.

Our Davinci slates are great for achieving a natural roofing look without the many challenges of conventional roofing slates. We design natural slates that are lighter, impact-resistant, and available in many colors. In addition, the impeccable design detail on our Davinci slates suits customers looking for traditional roofing designs.

Customers love our Davinci shakes because of their sophisticated cedar finish. Our cedar shakes are hand split and available in 8inch and 10-inch sizes. However, we recommend our single-width 9-inch shake for a detailed roofing look. Our 12-inch Bellaforte shakes, on the other hand, are great for covering more ground faster while achieving a modern and stylish roofing design.

Our Davinci hand-split sidings also come in 8inch and 10inch sizes. They feature realistic grains and grooves that create dramatic shadows in the perfect lighting. In addition, our hand-split sidings are resistant to cracks, pests, or rotting. You can install these siding in 6inch, 7inch, and 8-inch exposure to a visual appeal that rivals most modern roofing designs.

Experienced Roofing Contractors

Our roofing contractors are trained, qualified, and licensed to offer expert roof repair and installation in Chicagoland. Our roofing company in the Chicago area is well established with offices in Evanston and Glen Ellyn, IL, both suburbs of Chicago. To ensure we have a strong physical presence and ties with the local community, we make it a point to travel Chicago's North Shore frequently. Feel free to visit our local showroom or warehouse anytime you want to view our roofing products and building materials.

As Illinois licensed roofing contractors, we are mandated to provide the best roofing solutions to residential homes and commercial businesses. Our client's ability to hold us accountable is the push we need to remain consistent in providing quality roofing work. You can find us online, ready to answer your questions and take your orders.

Durable Roofing Materials

We use tough, high-quality materials to provide durable roofing solutions. All our roofing solutions have a Class 4 impact rating and Class A fire rating. In addition, we guarantee that our roofing designs are tough enough to withstand gales of up to 110mph.

Insured roofing work

We have insurance cover on all our roofing materials and accessories, allowing us to offer subsidized repair services to our customers. If we find defects in any of our materials used, we will replace those materials with no added cost to you. In addition, all our professional contractors are insured against any accidents while on the job. We ensure that all our contractors have updated insurance covers as required by Chicago law.

Warranty on all roofs

All our roofing products have a manufacturer's warranty that is transferable where applicable. Feel free to inquire about warranty services on all our slates, shakes, sidings, shingles, and any roofing installation products we offer. We will replace any damaged or worn-out parts for free within your warranty period.

Please contact JNJ Restoration at 312-804-1336 to get a free roofing quote.

Davinci Roofscapes

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We are a family owned roofing business specializing in commercial, industrial and residential. Our business began in 1999 in Ocilla, GA. We now service all of Georgia as well as several of our neighboring states.

We get to know and treat our clients like family, using our expertise to look out for their best interests. What is best for our clients is good for business.

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We offer not only roof installation but also roof maintenance. This allows you the opportunity to protect your roof and your facility year round.

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