Storm damage Naperville

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Storm damage Naperville

Regardless of how storm-ready you are, storms are a force of nature that can still cause unpredictable and considerable damage. One of the first parts of your home to take impact is often your roofing system, and it will need immediate attention from roofing professionals to prevent extensive damage.

At Dupage Construction, we provide top-of-the-line repair services for storm damage in Naperville. If a storm has hit your roof, you can be certain we'll respond fast and offer efficient Naperville, IL, residential storm damage repair.

What We Can Help You with If Your Home or Establishment is Suffering from Storm Damage

Various types of storms can impact your roof and affect its ability to ensure your home is structurally safe. Below are some of the roof storm damages we can assist you with.

  • Hail Damage

A storm accompanied by hail can cause significant damage. Hailstones vary in size; therefore, there's no telling how much damage your roof can sustain. Depending on your roofing material, damage from hailstones can result in cracks or splits that could create long-term problems if not fixed urgently.

For instance, exposure of the underlying roofing components to the sun can reduce your roof’s lifespan. Additionally, cracks can let in water that could damage your home further. After a heavy hailstorm, our expert contractors can assess the damage, identify any problems, then provide the finest hail damage repair in Naperville.

  • Wind Damage

Intense wind storms can compromise the integrity of your roofing system. As a result, you may notice damaged or lifted shingles. In some instances, you might realize some shingles are completely missing. An untrained eye may not be aware of the extent of damage, so it's best to call our storm damage repair contractor in Naperville, Illinois, for a proper roof inspection. If this kind of damage covers not more than 30 percent of your entire roof, we can perform swift repairs to address the issue.

  • Impact Damage

It's not always possible to notice impact damage immediately. But over time, perhaps after months or even years, impact damage can cause your shingles to age prematurely. When it comes to this type of storm damage, we advise you have our contractors thoroughly inspect your roof. From there, we’ll be able to recommend whether you need a partial or total roof replacement.

  • Water Damage

Water usually finds its way down to your property's foundation. This leads to a host of problems, such as the growth of mold and compromised structural integrity. In addition, water intrusion can be a fire hazard in your home. As such, it's vital to call our experts to look into the water damage quickly. Our roofing contractors will leak-proof your house and repair the damage before it escalates.

Reliable, Prompt Storm Damage Repair Services

The fact is, you can’t completely foolproof your roofing system against storm damage. But if a storm strikes, you can make sure you act without delay by calling our top-rated Naperville, IL hail damage repair company to fix any issues promptly. Don't procrastinate; we'd love to help you by providing second to none repair services for storm damage in Naperville. Get a free quotation today from Dupage Construction:

Storm damage Naperville
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Storm damage Naperville
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