Water Fans Cooling

Using a misting fan is a simple and inexpensive method to enjoy a nice breeze, especially when the temperature rises. It works by cooling the space around it to create a tiny stream of water droplets that evaporate and pull heat away from your space.

Patios, camping tents, gardens, and other structures can be placed in them. They are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and designs, such as portable camping and RVing variants and practical personal units. At Cool-Off, we offer a wide selection of misting fans that will help you keep your cool, no matter the condition. Here is a breakdown of some of our best misting systems.


This water fans cooling offers a reasonable price point, quality performance, and lineup of convenient features. The 26" COOL-OFF OSCILLATING MISTING FAN produces 7800 CFM on the highest setting and is capable of plummeting the temperatures by as much as 30 degrees. The misting fan is made of plastic materials that are rustproof, waterproof, and fade-resistant. This misting fan does not only look good but also offers the finest possible cone of mist through its misting nozzle.


This is one of the best water cooling systems packed with several features to maintain a cool space even in sunny and hot conditions. Setting up the ISLAND BREEZE PORTABLE MISTING FAN is easy – simply connect the device to an outlet, adjust its position and height, and use the know to toggle between speed settings. The 10 gallons of water that comes with the device basically eliminates the need for a regular pipe of water. These types of misting fans designed for outdoor use have safety features such as the strong foundations that make them stand strong while dealing with windy days.


Maybe you have a small deck or patio and don’t want a freestanding fan to take up the space; purchasing a misting fan mounted to the wall could be the solution you need. Our 20" COOL-OFF MISTING FAN, which easily mounts to a wall, allows either vertical or horizontal movement, depending on your preference. The blades are made from industrial-grade materials, which makes them durable and strong. The water fans cooling also has various rotating speeds you can easily change.


This high-quality misting fan reduce temperature rise, which can make your evening more comfortable. The TROPIC BREEZE provides a fine mist to cool you and your space. It is easy to operate for both outdoor and indoor use. The water supply comes from the tanks at the bottom of the fan, and it can operate for 8-10 hours on a single fill-up of water.


The TAHITIAN is the number one selling portable misting fan of 2018. The 10-gallon breeze oscillating misting fan has four stainless steel nozzles and quite a large tank, thanks to its tiny rolling wheels. The 3-speed, 8,000 CFM misting fan comes equipped with the latest technology, including a high-pressure misting pump and ONLY 18” outdoor-rated oscillating misting fan. 

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At Cool-Off we always try to provide our customers with the best selection of misting fan, outdoor water misting equipment, and water misting accessories and parts. Shop our products today!

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