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"We are so pleased with our new Conklin foam roof. You explained every thing you did so well and allowed me to be on the roof with the crew to watch the process. Your crew was efficient and very courteous. It is amazing how much cooler the building is now and totally leak free. Thank You for a job well done."

John Stafford

"Several years ago you installed the foam Conklin Roofing System over our existing built-up flat roof. This past December we had a severe hailstorm with hail up to about two inches in diameter. All of our vehicles were dented and several windshields were broken. The Conklin coating suffered very minor damages and no leaks. The larger hailstones left a few small pits in the foam surface that were easily repaired.

The membrane roof on the building next to it had major leaks. We patched 143 holes in the membrane and did not stop all the leaks. This membrane roof was repaired by coating it with Conklin's Single Ply Roof Coating System."

Charles Hodges

"The foam roof you put on our building is excellent. It has exceeded our expectations. Your service is also excellent. I put you at #1 when it comes to follow up and addressing any follow on concerns that may arise. It is always a pleasure to deal with you and your staff."

Thank you again,
(Bank Executive)

"Thank you again for jumping on our roof at the Lake House. Fast service. We haven't made it up there yet - but will soon.

Just a note to say how much we appreciate you. When you did our flat roof at the Nursing Home we felt it would be done right. You are dedicated to your work and it shows.

Ms. Cook was so proud of her house roof when it was completed. Several of her friends told her it looked great and of course she beamed with pride and could only brag on your staff."

Again, thank you,
Lydia Cook

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