Cool Roofing

Joe K. Veal, CEOCool Roofing is a Proven Energy Efficient Performer
Highly reflective, or cool roofing, is having it's day in the sun. During the warmest weather, studies have indicated they lower roof temperatures by up to 20 to 40 percent and decrease the amount of heat transferred into a building’s interior. That helps reduce energy needs for cooling — up to 40 percent in some studies. Using less energy saves money and reduces the amount of pollutants released into the atmosphere. Conklin roofing systems have been proven to be energy efficient in some very intense situations and under some very intense scrutiny. Independent studies have shown that Conklin Roofing Systems meet the very highest standards.

Cool Roofing Earns EPA Star

The ENERGY STAR is the EPA’s (Environmental Protection Agency) nationwide symbol for energy efficiency. Only products that have proven energy efficiency are awarded the star. Conklin Company is proud to be an ENERGY STAR Products Partner whose white roof systems meet the EPA’s energy-efficiency guidelines. Conklin Company has determined that its white roofing systems meet the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency.

Savings for All Seasons
Summer isn't the only time when Conklin roofing systems help reduce the cost of energy. Conklin Foam Roofing System and PLY Roofing Systems have a layer of insulation that can help lower heating costs in the winter. When combined with one of our light colored roof coatings, they deliver year-round energy efficiency and help reduce heating and air-conditioning costs.

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Cool Roofing Temp Chart

Cool Roofing Reflective Values

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