Shingled Roofs

Asphalt Shingled RoofsJosh McFarlin In today's market, shingled roofs are mostly considered a parity product. Similar to toothpaste, they each serve the same function and with just a few differences they are all very similar. These differences can be important, but the most important aspect of any roof is the installation and the necessary knowledge to perform the installation correctly.

A “cheap” price might be the most expensive roof
Each roof has its own unique challenges and opportunities to improve. A roof is no longer a simple project, and in most cases, the basic roof is no longer adequate. Unfortunately, this is what is most often installed, since price is the most common buying factor in a building owner/home owner's mind. With roof accessories improving almost daily, it is important to have an installer who is current with all possible options for your roof. A “cheap” roof most often becomes the most expensive recurring maintenance issue any building owner will ever have. Properly done, with a few preemptive measures, we can insure a quality roof, for which the owner will enjoy problem-free for many years to come. Some of our preemptive measures include; ice and water shield in all valleys, proper nailing techniques, properly cut flashing, mastic applied around all penetrations and flashing, new eve metal when applicable, proper shingle overhang, and special attention paid to unique areas of your roof. Even with all the extra attention given to your roof, our pricing is consistently at or below market pricing. What most contractors take as profit, we have put back into your roof!

Not all Installations of Shingled Roofs are the Same

A simple roof installation can quickly become trouble for the owner when the installer does not properly handle the material, follow manufacturer's published guidelines, or adequately protect the property. When installed inaccurately the owner is left with many problems after the roof installer has long left his work. From roof leaks, deteriorated fascia, trapped water, and improperly flashed penetrations; all these avoidable issues would have been prevented with proper training and supervision on each job. On every shingle job we do, our crew is monitored by a salaried supervisor whose main objective is the quality of work completed. For most roofing companies today, speed and turnover are the major objectives of each crew, and with this as their focus many “things” get pushed to the side. Some companies today do not spend the time or money to purchase new felt, deciding to reuse the felt already on the roof that is at least 15 years old. This cost is small compared to the overall project, but the consequences of not replacing the felt could be disastrous. Why would companies not replace the felt, mainly because the building owner will never know. This is not our practice. We will do what is proper procedure, many times going above and beyond what is required, whether the owner is present or not. Your roof protects your most valued asset. Let us install what protects you!

Our Intent When it Comes to Shingled Roofs
It is our intent, to not see our clients again for a roof related issue, for at least 15 years unless some outside agent has damaged their roof. We strive to do it right, the first time. But if our clients have problems, we do return to solve the issue promptly.

Specifications of Shingled Roofs

Install Shingled roofs

  • Weathering-grade asphalt
  • Fiber glass core
  • Class A UL fire resistant
  • Algae resistant
  • Discoloration resistant
  • 60-90mph wind resistant
  • Ridge vent ventilation
  • Up to lifetime warranties available

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