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Save Big with Metal Roof Coating

You've invested a great deal of time and money in your business, including valuable inventory and equipment. Yet it can all be destroyed with just one leak. And leaks can damage more than just the contents of buildings. They can weaken walls and ceilings, jeopardizing the entire structure. Leaks can also ruin insulation, causing your heating and cooling costs to soar. The cost of just one leak can be enormous. Conklin's Metal Roofing System protects your investment -- and your profitability -- by preventing leaks and extending the life of your roof.

Complete Coverage with a Metal Roof Coating in 5 Easy Steps

The Metal Roof Coating System is easy to install and won't disrupt your business or work. Here's how this innovative system works:

Step 1: Surface PreparationMetal Roof Coating Surface PrepAll Field applied coatings must be removed. The galvanized metal surfaces are acid etched to remove oil, dirt, debris, and oxidation. We use a 5000 PSI 5 gallon per minute pressure washer to accomplish these preparation steps. To our knowledge no other company uses such a large pressure washer to thoroughly clean your roof. A clean roof is absolutely necessary to a quality installation. After cleaning all rusted areas are primed.
Step 2: CaulkingCaulking for Metal Roof CoatingAll of the end laps, screw heads, washers and openings are sealed with Kwik Kaulk. Kwik Kaulk is one of Conklin's best acrylic caulking compounds because it contains less VOC's than the other leading brands. This helps the caulk to resist shirking and remain flexible even down to -20 degrees F. This makes Kwik Kaulk the ideal caulking compound for metals both indoor and outdoor.
Step 3: Treating the SeamsMetal Roof Coating SeamsThe base coat and the Spunflex fabric reinforcement or Conklin 3" Butyl tape are applied along all the vertical panel joints. Spunflex II or Conklin 6" Butyl tape is used on horizontal seams. These products are not only thick but also very flexible, sealing off every nook and cranny. These products add durability and tear resistance to an acrylic roof.
Step 4: Seal Fabric Reinforced JointsRoofing JointsThe base coat is applied over the fabric reinforced seams and back rolled for a perfect seal. The reflective top coat when used with other insulation can help you save substantially on heating and cooling bills year long.
Step 5: Energy Efficient Finish CoatEnergy Efficient RoofingThe white reflective top coat is then applied over the entire roof to achieve a seamless, energy efficient roof system.

Priming with Metal Ready

Metal Roofing Coating and Restoration
Lasting Protection Where you need it most
Metal roofs are frequently specified by engineers architects, and contractors, but they have one major weakness. Leaks often develop along the seams of metal roofs due to rust or corrosion, deterioration of fastners, poor joint design, or structural settling, fortunately, you can compensate for these problems with Conklin's Metal Roof Coating Systems.

Conklin's Metal Roof Coating System is designed specifically to prevent leaks where they occur most - at the seams. Our unique combination liquid-applied acrylic base coat, flexible polyester fabric or butyl tape, and white refelective topcoat provides a durable, waterproof finish that will prevent leaks from ruining your roof - and a whole lot more.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed
We stand behind our roofing systems. We're so confident our Metal Roofing System will weatherproof your roof that we offer a veriety of optional warranties. Satisfaction is guaranteed. It's this confidence in our products and our commitment to customer service that have made Conklin the largest producer of acrylic roofing materials in America and Top Coats Roofing the installer of choice.

We proudly provide metal roof coating in Atlanta, Georgia as well as Columbus, Macon, Athens, Albany, Valdosta, Thomasville, Waycross, Tifton and throughout the state of Georgia.

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We are a family owned roofing business specializing in commercial, industrial and residential. Our business began in 1999 in Ocilla, GA. We now service all of Georgia as well as several of our neighboring states.

We get to know and treat our clients like family, using our expertise to look out for their best interests. What is best for our clients is good for business.

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We offer not only roof installation but also roof maintenance. This allows you the opportunity to protect your roof and your facility year round.

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